About Chaplain Publishing

What types of books do you publish?

We specialize in Christian books. While the theme of each of our books doesn’t have to be spiritual, we will never publish a book that would reflect negatively on Christ. We have published books in all genres such as historical fiction, graphic novels, poetry anthologies, historical books, and children’s books.


Who decides if a book is suitable for publication?

I will review the book to make sure the content conforms to our company’s mission and vision. I will then work with the author to come up with a publication plan and discuss pricing. If we agree on these things, then we will proceed with publishing your book.


How much does it cost?

There is very little up-front cost associated with our business model. We have different packages available so an author can customize their publishing experience. If your book is ready to go without major modifications, then you will pay only $200 plus the costs of printing. If you need more assistance with your book such as editing and layout, then you will have the option of paying us to do those things or finding your own professionals to do it for you. Either way, you will be paying much less than at other publishing companies. The difference is that we want our authors to keep writing and publishing with us, so we treat them right.


How long will it take to know if my book is accepted for publication?

You should know within a matter of a few weeks if your book is accepted for publication or not depending on the length of the book.


Once my book is accepted, how long will it take before it is published?

When we have the final manuscript in our possession, it will take a couple of weeks to format it for printing. We will print out a review copy that you can look over. Any necessary changes will be made and your book will be printed. If you make changes and review your copy in a timely manner, the entire process could take less than 2 months.


How will I get paid from my book sales?

After you pay Chaplain for the printing costs of the copies you want to purchase, any sales that you make are yours to keep. You will purchase an initial supply of books from us and you can keep any and all profits from the sale of those books. This allows the author maximum flexibility. If you want to give books away as gifts or for publicity purposes, you can do so. If you want to sell your books by hand or on your own websites, you get to keep all of those profits. When you run out of your initial printing, you can contact us to order more books.


Will I make royalties?

In addition to the amount you make on the books you personally sell, you will also make royalties from books sold by the publisher. After your first 100 books sell, you will make royalties on every sale of your book made by Chaplain Publishing equal to the percentage outlined in the package you choose. These royalties are calculated on the sales price received by the publisher. You will receive a check every time your royalties reach $25.00.

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