Zinnia’s Laugh


A sweet and fun book about a unique Native American princess with a BIG laugh.

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Preorder the first children’s book by brand new author, Brynnan Brooks, and illustrator, Kristie Biro. Zinnia’s Laugh is the tale of a Native American princess whose BIG laugh is causing BIG trouble!

You can get Zinnia’s laugh as a physical book or a downloadable ebook.

Black and white copies are also available for kids to color.


About the Author

Brynnan Brooks is a 7th grader at Lubbock-Cooper Middle School. While this is her first children’s book, it is not her first story. She loves to write and does so whenever she has spare time. Brynnan also enjoys music (piano, drums, and euphonium), sports (softball & volleyball), crafting, and church activities.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the cost of an educational trip she is taking this summer to Washington D.C. and New York City. So be sure to share the links to this book with a friend.


About the Illustrator

Kristie Biro is 15 years old and resides in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. She enjoys karate, music, art, and horseback riding.

Promo video (by Brynnan’s brother Taye)

This is based on a poem called “Don’t Ever Bite Your Sister” by Ken Nesbitt. Filmed by McKenna Copeland.

Enjoy this lighthearted take on getting your older sister out of the house!

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physical book in color, downloadable ebook, physical book in black & white


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