Coming Out of Her Shell

“She just sat there on the gym floor with her nose stuck in a book,” I lamented to my husband.

“You sound like Gaston,” came the reply from across the room as he struck a manly pose and said, “Belle, it’s time you get your nose out of those books!”

I threw the remote at him and explained that it wasn’t the books I objected to—I am a publisher, books are my life. I just knew that she was reading her book so she wouldn’t have to interact with the other kids in the youth group.

Our daughter was so painfully shy that we had to force her to attend the youth group events. These were kids she had gone to church with for 5 years. She interacted with them fine one-on-one, but the group settings were too much for her.

Fast forward exactly one year and this is the conversation. “Mom, can you drop me off at the park? A few of us from church are going to hang out there. And then we are going out to eat together. Do you mind driving us?”

“Are there going to be boys at the park with you?” asked my husband with a concerned look.

“Yes, it’s no big deal, Dad.” Our daughter replied with the classic eye roll.

“I think I liked it better when she was sitting in a corner reading books.” Grumbled my husband.

Our daughter emerged from her shell—and boy was it a beautiful sight! I love seeing her confident smile and her laughter with friends.

When you are going through a phase with your daughter, it seems like it will never change. But that is the one thing you can count on. Change.

The bookworm will find a group of friends to hang out with.

The poor student might find her motivation through the compliment of a favored teacher.

The girl who had more interest in bats and balls than boys will all of a sudden start seeing them with new eyes.

Change will come, mammas. Are you ready? Have you been praying that your daughter’s changes will bring her more growth and strength? Have you been praying that her changes won’t distance her from the love of her family and true friends? And most of all, have you been praying that her changes will draw her closer to Jesus?

Get on your knees mammas, because changes are the one thing you can count on in your daughter’s life.


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